Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My thoughts on the Hobby Lobby case

The ruling applies only to small, closely held, i.e. family owned, corporations. When the Government intrudes and attempts to force a family to provide services which the family feels are immoral for their employees then in my humble opinion, the Government is wrong.

This is not a widely and publicly help corporation where the stockholders number in the hundreds or thousands and come from all walks of life. This is a family owned corporation. So they are being forced, by the Government, to take money out of their pockets and pay for services which they believe are immoral and wrong and thereby, according to their beliefs, putting their own souls in danger. Just because you start a corporation doesn't give the Government the right to force you to give up your religious beliefs.

Personally, I think it's just plain wrong that the Government can force a corporation to "give" employees "benefits" of any kind. Benefits were originally used as enticements to lure employees to take a job. It is wrong to force a corporation to provide services if the corporation doesn't want to provide them. What's next? Is the Government going to force companies to give two weeks of paid vacation? Why not force companies to provide free food and free coffee for their employees? Why not force companies to offer 401k plans to all their employees. Why not force the employees to participate in the 401k plans? Why not force companies to give employees stock options? Why not force companies to provide a car for it's employees? Corporations should not even be forced to pay you for your work. If you're willing to work for free to get experience and make contacts, i.e. interning, what concern is it of the Governments, other than the fact that Government feels cheated because they can't tax you for your income?

To those who say Hobby Lobby is imposing their religion on their employees:

The Constitution says absolutely nothing about preventing a non-Government entity from imposing their religion upon you. It does say that the Government cannot impose religion
upon the people. And Hobby Lobby is not saying, "If you use one of these four forms of 'birth control' then we will fire you." What Hobby Lobby is saying is, "We'll pay for you to use any of these 16 forms of birth control but we're not going to pay for these 4 other choices."

How is that imposing religion? It's as if Hobby Lobby said "We'll pay for our employees to eat, but we're not going to pay for sushi, caviar, filet mignon and jelly beans" and every one screaming that they are trying to starve their employees to death.

Just my two cents worth (and it probably ain't even really worth that much).

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